Single Concert System

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Single Concert System

from 1,500.00

The single concert system is a 4 box concert system and represents a high value offering suitable for smaller events on a tight budget where sound quality is paramount. The system features the highest grade components and equipment for exceptional sound quality. The single concert system will cover an audience of up to 500 people providing crystal clear sound. The system comes complete with an experienced sound engineer and is suited for long narrow venues.

The single concert system features two edge concert grade speakers on top of two double 18" subwoofers with a total system power handling of 8,000 watts. A basic monitor system consisting of 4 x 12" coaxial monitors is provided for the artist with a full compliment of professional microphones. 

The system features a state of the art dLive digital mixing system.

Updgrade to the expanded monitor version for more flexibility:

The expanded  concert system features the exact same components as the double concert system however the artists monitor system is upgraded to meet the requirements of more demanding performers.

All of the channels are split digitally to a second state of the art dLive system which is used by a seperate sound engineer to mix their monitors from the side of the stage. 6 x 15" and 2 x 12" high powered coaxial monitors are provided in any combination and number of mixes. the system includes both a front of house engineer who mixes the sound the audience hears and a monitor engineer who mixes the sound the artitsts hear.



It is recommended to upgrade to the double concert system for bass heavy performances or venues that are wide.

Size: up to 500 people
Suits: Small Concerts, Narrow Venues
Benefits: Low Cost
Cost From: $1500