King Street Live

Sadly King Street Live closed in 2016. You can see our photo tribute to this amazing venue here.

When founders Warren Maxwell (Trinity Roots, Little Bushman) and Carl Schdroski created King Street Live, they were adamant that the sound in the venue had to be to international standards in order to attract the caliber of performers they envisioned.

Many New Zealand live venues suffer from poor sound and outdated equipment that lacks the headroom to cope with the most demanding performances.

Noise Productions worked with the designers and builders to actually incorporate the sound system into the buildings structure and provided advise on acoustic treatments to optimise the listening experience throughout the venue.

The speakers themselves were meticulously selected to fit the acoustic profile of the venue, a notoriously difficuly long and narrow room with the aim of avoiding sound reflections from the walls.

Popular line array or wide angle speakers would have been disastrous the room so instead an unusual dual 10" speaker enclosure was chosen with a particularly narrow and small profile to avoid blocking large parts of the stage. The very narrow and directional beam angle of the horns in these speakers also prevented sound from reflecting off the walls ensuring no matter where you stand in the room you can hear perfect and direct sound from the flown speakers.

Subwoofers were built into the actual stage in order to minimise wasted space and multi-loom cables laid through channels in the concrete during construction.

A traditional analog mixing console was selected for ease of use to ensure that any visiting artist would be able to use the system as well as young, up and coming sound engineers who may not have experience on digital consoles.

Since opening, King Street Live has played host to a plethora of national and international acts, all using the in house infrastructure to rave reviews.

Some of New Zealands top acts including Shihad and Trinity Roots have used the venue as their rehearsal space before going on tour, opening the first night of their tours in the venue at the end of the rehearsal.

Noise Productions is extremely proud of the results achieved at King Street Live, now one of New Zealand's premiere live performance venues, the venue is a regular on the tour circuit and the sound quality of the house system is difficult to top.