The millennial generation is quickly redefining the meaning of modern events. Gone are the days when entertainment went one way, modern audiences demand to be part of the event through interaction via the ever increasing myriad of digital devices.

The challenge with interactivity is making the interaction seamless and simple while wow'ing the audience with creativity.

Examples of interactivity that we regularly provide for events include:

  • Lumanoid allows you to control your entire audiences smartphones using your DMX light desk.

  • Photo booth which instantly uploads photos to your Facebook & Twitter page where guests tag themselves on your page. Our photo booth system delivers a massive instant social media imprint increasing guest visits to your page by orders of magnitude. A photobooth solution integrated with social media delivers on the modern day FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) increasing guest numbers the year after it is implemented.

  • Big Screen Interaction allows guests to participate in your event by sending messages to the Big Screen. Messages can be SMS text messages or even email, Facebook or Twitter tagged posts which include photos. Integrating social media with a Big Screen encourages guests to take photos of your event and post them on Facebook or Twitter further delivering a FOMO factor for those that are not there and see the messages on their feeds.

  • Custom App Interaction - Ever thought about having an app for your event and incorporating live interaction with components of your event. We can turn your audiences cell phones into a giant screen displaying live video or lighting effects.

  • Live Video Broadcasts allow a remote or international audience to participate in your event. Using cameras and screens we can even integrate a remote location or event into your event.