A modern event production is the perfect collaboration between people and equipment.


Toby Mills Head Technologist

Toby founded Noise Productions in 2002 to provide high quality concert sound systems for the lower North Island market.

A multi-instrumentalists, sound engineer and with a BSc in Information Systems from Massey University, Toby has the skills to meld Music, Sound and Technology into a unique solution for your event.

Whether you want a crystal clear sound system for your next concert or need a custom software solution to unleash audience participation through smartphones, drop Toby a line to chat about the possibilities.


Ben Brunskill Freelance Sound Engineer

Ben is one of the Wairarapa's leading sound engineers. As a regular engineer for King Street Live and permanent engineer of the Eclipse Pink Floyd show, Ben is also an accomplished musician performing in groups such as This Little Orchestra and DIVA.

Ben can be found on all the big Noise Productions jobs where he is an expert in achieving the best possible sound.



Barry Howes Freelance Dude

Barry has been a regular member of the Noise Productions team since the beginning. With a unique mix of skills ranging from a vast knowledge of electrical fittings to audio video logistics and a magical toolbox that always has the exact bizarre tool you need.

Barry can often be found behind the scenes at Noise Productions events finding problems before they become problems..

General Crew 


Noise Productions has large numbers of general crew that can be called on for any size event.

Crew range in experience from "Luggers" to experienced sound, video and lighting technicians and crew.