The Golden Shears

Noise Productions became involved in the live broadcasting of the Golden Shears in 2013.

At the time, the International Shearing event was being broadcast in standard definition and reached an audience of around 10,000 viewers, however the content was not easily available outside of the live broadcasts.

Noise Productions created a new online channel for the event called Golden Shears TV, the goal of this was to make the content easily accessible both during and outside the event. This change, along with increasing the quality of the live broadcast to High Definition, has resulted in exponential growth to the point where last year 60,000 viewers watched the competition online.

In 2016, we plan to grow this even more with a goal of hitting 100,000 viewers.

Due to the fact that Shearing Events have no off the shelf electronic scoring system, Noise Productions has worked with local company Harvest Electronics who have built the most accurate, reliable and flexible competition shearing scoring system in the world. Noise Productions has enhanced this system by building a custom software suite that interfaces to the electronic scoring system and displays real time scoring as overlays on the live broadcasts.

This has lifted the quality of the live broadcasts significantly as the scoring system is connected to the camera system so that when a camera is selected for broadcast, the score for the shearer on screen is displayed on screen. The combination of Harvest Electronics and Noise Productions has created the most advanced shearing scoring system in the world and as a result we have been invited to broadcast the World Shearing championships in 2017.