Eclipse Pink Floyd Show

Noise Productions is the Audio and Video provider for the Eclipse Pink Floyd show.

Since the 1990's, Pink Floyd has epitomised the highest possible production values and replicating those as closely as possible has been a key goal for Eclipse.

Every detail of the audio system is optimised to provide crystal clear sound. The complete elimination of stage monitors and utilisation of individual on stage monitor mixers for every member of the 7 piece band ensures that unwanted noise from the stage is minimised. Indeed, if you were to stand on stage while the band is performing, you would be astounded at how quiet it is on stage.

By utilising technologies such as DANTE, Noise Productions is able to minimise the setup time for what would normally be an extremely complex audio setup. With a drum kit the size of Africa and enough Cymbals for a Chinese New Year, the number of microphones on stage is ridiculous and is only matched by the complex web of digital routing to pipe samplers, drum pads and 3 keyboards around the system.

On the video front, things are no less complex.
A circle screen in the center of the stage projects visuals and camera feeds from high definition cameras positioned all over the stage. Two giant statues on each side of the stage are projected onto using the latest in projection mapping technology and these 'come alive' during the show, interacting with the performance.