When browsing listing websites and newspaper listings, buyers look at two things, the main photo of the property and the price.
They use these two pieces of information to make up their minds on whether they will look further at a property or not.
Fantastic photos draw people in and pique a buyers interest.
Amazing photos can add tens of thousands to the value to property by simply attracting more interest.

A video can go even further, drawing in interest from outside the region and delivering significant additional interest.

Aerial photos show off the property from a different aspect which is often much kinder on the eye than a ground based photo.
It can mask many flaws and emphasise the best features of a property.

Adding a YouTube video of the property using video taken with a combination of ground and aerial shots can make a property shine.

We have developed an advanced aerial camera platform using the very latest in Drone technology.
The system can be quickly deployed to take amazing photos and video of a property.

Package  Aerial Photo  Pro Inside Photos  Video Promo  Price ex GST
Bronze 1  1     $50
Bronze 10  10     $80
Bronze 15  15     $100
Bronze 20  20     $120
Silver   20  20   $190
Gold  20  Aerial Only  $250
Gold Plus  20 20  Aerial Only  $320
Platinum  20 20  Aerial + Inside $460