Our amazing photo booth system uses Green Screen technology so that you are not stuck with the same boring background all night long. Guests stand in front of a Green Screen and then select the background they would like to appear behind them. They can choose how to react and come up with some amazingly creative poses.

The fun doesn't stop there.

Unlike most small photo booths that can only fit a couple of people at a time, ours can fit a whopping 10 people.

We also do not print out tiny little photos on a strip that you then proceed to lose or drop. Instead our photos go straight to Facebook where guests can have hours of fun tagging each other after the event is over.

If you want the photo instantly on your phone, you can scan the QR code that appears on screen and instantly download it.

Guests can also enter their email address to have their photo sent to themselves or others who are not at the event.

For added fun, as an optional extra we can put the Photo Booth photos on big screens around the venue so that peoples crazy photos appear everywhere. An additional available add-on is also available to enable you to send SMS and Facebook messages to the big screens for an extremely fun night of interaction.

With a Noise Productions Photo Booth, things get pretty crazy.....