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from 475.00

Professional Wireless Audio Playback for Smartphones.

Airplay + Bluetooth to Balanced Analog XLR

Do you plug your phone into sound systems using a 3.5mm jack?
Does this drive you nuts when it comes unplugged, or you fry your phone with Phantom Power?

Now there is a proper solution!!

The ProPlay-xlr has two gold plated balanced audio line level outputs to connect to your PA system and an ethernet port to connect to your network. It has onboard WiFi (client or AP mode) & Bluetooth.

You can use Apple Airplay or Bluetooth to send audio to your PA system without needing a physical connector.
It also has a built in Spotify client and allows you to store MP3/Flac music on it for playback using customised playlists.

The ProPlay-xlr has a complete mobile optimised web interface to setup and control the device from a laptop or smartphone.

Build the ProPlay-xlr into all your mix racks and never have to worry about phone connections for audio again.

There are three versions of the ProPlay-xlr available

  • Barebones ProPlay-xlr (currently on pre-order special).
  • ProPlay-xlr with USB cable
  • ProPlay-xlr with USB cable and switching power supply.

Please note: The first manufacturing run sold out in 2 days. We are currently aiming to ship our next manufacturing run in mid Feb. Pre-order yours today and we will ship it as soon as it is in stock. The next run will sell out before it goes into stock so only pre-orders are available.

Please contact us about shipments outside of New Zealand. We usually only wholesale internationally but may be able to organise something for you for small quantities.

We are running a pre-order special on the barebones kit only.

The barebones version is designed to use power from your mixer or another device that is able to supply USB power in your equipment racks. Most mixers or racks have a spare USB port and you save money by supplying your own micro-USB cable.

You can use any USB power source from a laptop, mixer or dedicated USB power supply capable of supplying at least 2500mA.

Each unit is handmade and tested in New Zealand by Noise Productions Ltd from top quality components sourced from around the world.

Power Supply:
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  • Ultra-low-noise voltage regulation
  • Dedicated 192kHz/24 bit Burr-Brown DAC for very high sound quality.
  • Gold Plated XLR Connectors
  • Dual-domain clock circuit providing dedicated clocks for each of the following playback sample rates
    • Clock 1 - 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz
    • Clock 2 - 48/96/192kHz
  • Onboard WiFi (Client Mode or Access Point mode) - can act as a WiFi Router.
  • Onboard Bluetooth
  • Onboard Ethernet
  • Built in Spotify Playback client (won't drain your phone while playing).
  • Built in playlist creator, store your own music and sounds for sounchecks / playback.

Recommended Usage

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